Adding on or Retro fitting CNC control to an existing press brake, will increase the machines capacity, improve accuracy, but most of make your press brake easier to use for that one off.

The LC is a new style of modern day controls. It's slim design should not fool you into thinking it does not have the ability to compete with the best controls in the world today. Its open style lends itself to becoming a truly universal control that will suit almost any style of machine tool. It's programming structure has been designed so that almost no operator training is required with help always available from the “?” prompt key. It can control up to eight axes in any combination of the following:
(X, Y, R, Z1, Z2.)
A Single drive back gauge for press brakes up to 2.5 mtrs in bend length.
Dual or twin drive back gauge for press brakes above 2.5 mtrs in bend length.
Flip up and micro adjustable the gauge fingers are of hardened steel construction. The fingers can be used horizontal, as shown or vertically.
The GB Eurogauge Mini this can be fitted to shorter machine at perhaps 1.2 or 1.5 Mtrs long.

- Program Memory: 250 Programs 2500 steps with auto advance
-“X” axis travel range 0 – 650mm/ 25” standard
-“R” axis travel range up to 150mm/ 6” standard
-“Z” axis travel up to4mtrs/ 12 foot
- Operating modes: programming, manual and automatic
- Parts counter, Programmable retract distance and time delay
functions in each step
- Automatic angle and bend allowance calculation
- Servo motor drives
- Power supply: 240/120VAC
- Relay and function outputs Linear Cylinder
- Diagnostics and error statistics
- Standard tooling selection, 50 tool library capacity
- Sensibility 0.01mm/.0004"
- Accuracy +/- 0.1mm .002”
- Repeatability +/- .05mm/ .001”
- Maximum velocity 30mtrs/1180"/min
- Manual positioning: +/-0.1mm/ 0.004"
- RS-232 serial line connection for data transmission
- Ball screws diameter 25mm/ 1.000” Ball screw bushings (8)
- Guide rods (2) per spindle – 25mm/1.000” diameter
- Gauge bar length 2-4mtrs/ 78”-157” standard
- Micro adjustable flip fingers (2) standard